Ben Banner believes everyone should have a place to plant their heart and grow their soul. He is an organized, resourceful, real estate professional who knows the difference is in the details. As a property manager Ben supervised large capital improvements, maintenance projects and apartment turnovers, all while maintaining high occupancy through his determined leasing methods. After many years of property management and Real Estate investment he wants to share his passion for Real Estate with his clients!

Ben’s love of Real Estate goes way back. He grew up in Pacifica, a foggy town next to the ocean, just a little South of San Francisco. His family lived in small, noisy apartments and he always dreamed of living in a house. When he was 12 years old he was inspired to buy houses by Real Estate investing infomercials and an after school architecture class. Home ownership was not just a way to enjoy a peaceful living experience, but also a way to earn income by providing homes for other people, too! Until he was able to begin his formal education in Real Estate, he studied all the Real Estate investment authors he could find. At San Diego State University, he studied Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate. Ben was an integral part of founding the SDSU Real Estate Investment Society, was elected member of the year and then later helped push the organization to success as its President. He graduated with honors and won the Robert C. Hird II Memorial Scholarship in Real Estate for his outstanding performance.

Ben loves hosting events, cooking, gardening, dancing, martial arts, watching movies and traveling. He’s traveled in Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, Israel, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Indonesia. One of the best experiences of his life was living in Japan the year before moving to Portland. While he was in Japan, he saw the sun rise at the top of Mt. Fuji, taught English to Junior High School students and performed in a charity musical. The musical was a reimagined version of The Jungle Book and Ben starred as one of the punk rock vultures. Then he traveled with the charity organization, deep into the jungles of Papua New Guinea, to help build a one room elementary school. He also earned his PADI scuba diver certification while traveling in Indonesia, founded his High School wrestling team and was awarded a blue belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu by Charles Gracie.  Visit Ben Banner’s website for more information.


After moving from Japan to Portland in 2006, he began expanding his real estate skill set by becoming a property manager and acquiring a few investment properties. Ben achieved his home ownership dream and now lives in one of his investment properties in Milwaukie. He rents the extra rooms to friends, converted the garage to a master suite / private movie theater, and has begun growing an abundance of flowers, fruits, berries, and vegetables. He has lust for life and believes the world is packed full of amazing opportunities! Ben Banner is ready to help make your Real Estate dreams come true, too! So, contact him at 541-221-2223 or email now!